Gulf Eternit Trading offers a range of thermoplastic pipe systems. Our comprehensive range of pipe meet the highest standards set by the building and construction industry worldwide.


U-PVC is a highly versatile piping material due to its resistance to chemical erosion and smoother inner walls that help to encourage water flow. It functions well in a wide range of temperatures and operating pressures. It is incredibly strong, stiff and cost-effective, and is suited to applications such as water distribution, soil-waste and ventilating pipes, underground drain and sewer pipes, cable ducts for Electrical and telephone cables and conduits for electrical wiring installations.
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High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) is a tough, durable and flexible thermoplastic piping material with unique performance properties which allow for its use in a wide range of applications. The outstanding physical and performance benefits of HDPE pipe, including excellent flow characteristics and minimum pressure losses, make it the perfect choice for your piping systems. HDPE pipe can be used across a range of domestic, municipal, industrial and utility services. The most commonly
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Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is lightweight, yet as strong as high-density polyethylene. Polypropylene pipes can be used at high temperatures and is resistant to many reagents such as sulfuric acid and caustic soda. As it resists abrasion, it is frequently used in waste streams, including residential and commercial environments.
GET provide Soundproof, a push-fit drainage system mostly used for above ground drainage systems. Soundproof is made of copolymer polypropylene + reinforcing charges,
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Polypropylene (PP-R) / PEX

PP-R is a plastic material that is resistant to cracking even under stress, corrosion and chemical agents. Its molecular composition also ensures soundproofing and protection from stray currents. PP-RCT is characterised by a hexagonal crystal structure which results in a minimum operating life of 50 years under pressure up to 10 bar at temperature of 70°C.PEX-c pipes are electron beam cross-linked polyethylene pipe PEX-c. PP-R is a system of pipes and fittings in random polypropylene and
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GET can also provide Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) and Glass Reinforced Epoxy (GRE) pipes through Future Pipe Industries,  the Global leader in the fiberglass pipe industry. Future Pipe Industries design and manufacture fiberglass piping systems for use across the Oil & Gas, Water, Industrial and Marine Industries. They also offer a range of customized solutions including system design and engineering services, project management, technical support, field supervision and training.
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Gunmetal Fittings

GET provide Gunmetal and Brass Fittings for use in House Potable Water Service Connections. Gunmetal is a proven material which has high strength characteristics and is resistant to distortion. As a material it is ideal for use in contaminated ground as it is almost non-corrodible and resistant to dezincification. Gunmetal fittings made from corrosion immune materials and provides years of trouble free service in even the most arduous of ground condition. The fittings are in Gunmetal to BS
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Tools and Machinery

GET can provide tools and machinery for its pipes including pipe cutters and fusion welding machines. Plastic Pipe cutters produce a clean cut, in a faster, convenient way depending on the material of the pipe. Fusion welding machines have been designed to withstand the rigorous operating conditions whilst being simple to use, cost effective and delivering high integrity joints. Plastic Pipe Equipment (Pipe Cutters, Fusion Welding Machine, etc.)

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GET can deliver non-standard fabricated items. This might range from grease traps, road gullies, long radius bends, puddle flanges, oil interceptors, sealed dry manholes, GRP tank lines and GRP manhole.

To find out more about the above listed products or your requirements for fabrication, please contact us to discuss your needs.
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