High Density Polyethylene Pipe (HDPE) is a tough, durable and flexible thermoplastic piping material with unique performance properties which allow for its use in a wide range of applications. The outstanding physical and performance benefits of HDPE pipe, including excellent flow characteristics and minimum pressure losses, make it the perfect choice for your piping systems. HDPE pipe can be used across a range of domestic, municipal, industrial and utility services. The most commonly used applications are Potable Water supply network, Chemical Waste, Sewerage Network, Ventilation, Fire Fighting and Irrigation. The Minimum Required Strength (MRS) based on performance of the material at 20°C, for 50 years, will classify HDPE compound to its designation. With a density of just 0.95kg/cm² HDPE is lighter than steel, concrete or iron. It is also easier to handle and install than other materials.
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HDPE Pressure

For pipes and fittings to ISO 4427, PE 100, a smaller wall thickness than for standard PE results due to the higher calculation stress.  The comparison of the Series and Pressure Rating (SDR 17- PN 10 & SDR 11- PN 16). Valid for 20°C and 50 years’ life time C= 1.25
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HDPE Drainage

The product line consists of pipes and fittings with diameter from 32 to 315mm and includes a wide range of fittings and services connections to sanitary and sewage systems. It has also high resistance to operating temperatures between -40°/+ 70°C, with the ability to manage peak loads up to 95°C. Pipes and Fittings are compliant with standard UNI EN 1519.
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