Polypropylene (PP-R) / PEX

PP-R is a plastic material that is resistant to cracking even under stress, corrosion and chemical agents. Its molecular composition also ensures soundproofing and protection from stray currents. PP-RCT is characterised by a hexagonal crystal structure which results in a minimum operating life of 50 years under pressure up to 10 bar at temperature of 70°C.PEX-c pipes are electron beam cross-linked polyethylene pipe PEX-c. PP-R is a system of pipes and fittings in random polypropylene and PP-RCT, with diameter from 16mm to 200mm for hot water supply, for heating and for cooling, which meets the most demanding requirements in terms of strength and durability. PP-R produced according to DIN, UNI EN ISO. PEX-c pipes are electron beam cross-linked polyethylene pipe PEX-c used in sanitary plumbing (hot and cold water systems) and heating application (Under Floor Heating (UFH) and radiators) for more than 30 years.
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