REDI has been producing plastic fittings for over 50 years, becoming a highly advanced and successful company. The reason for this success is our constant effort in offering the most comprehensive service to our Clients aiming at establishing longlasting and profitable business relationships. REDI manufactures and offers the following product ranges:
  • PVC-U rubber ring-sealed fittings for underground drainage (EN 1401)
  • PVC-U and PP inspection chambers (AFNOR-ANF)
  • PVC-U anti-flooding valves (DN 100 - 630)
  • PVC -U solvent welding fittings for above ground drainage (EN 1329 – AFNOR-ENF)
  • Phonoline: soundproof piping system 15 dB (EN 14366)
  • PP pipes and fittings for non-pressure above ground drainage (EN 1451)
  • Surface drainage systems
  • Ventilation systems