Comer spa is an Italian company specialized in the production of U-PVC fittings and valves for use in the hydraulics, waterworks, irrigation, swimming pool, chemical plants, food and navigation industries. Our valves and our fittings are reliable, safe and resistant products which are ideal for those installations where the transport of fluids under pressure up to 16 atmospheres is necessary.

Since 1978, Comer spa has grown, continuing to increase its range of valves and fittings, while also specializing in the production of big diameters.

All Comer fittings are manufactured according to: ISO 727, DIN 8063, KIWA BRL-K 17301, EN ISO 1452. A range of fittings is available for solvent jointing is B.S. (imperial) sizes available from ½” to 8” Class E ( 15 bar) or metric sizes from Dia 16mm to 160mm ( PN 16) and from DN 200mm to 315mm ( PN 10).

Comer has produced a complete range of ball valves which comply with the following standards:

  • Solvent Welding ISO 727, UNI EN ISO 1452, DIN 8063
  • Threaded Coupling ISO 7/1, UNI ISO 228/1, BS 21, DIN 2999
  • Flanged Coupling ISO 8063, UNI EN ISO 1452