COES has been manufacturing and selling products and systems for water supply, heating and drainage for over 40 years, characterizing the products on offer with a high level of innovation in terms of materials and production processes. The technical solutions are conceived to satisfy every design requirements of the most qualified fitters.


    Coestilen is a drainage system made of welding polyethylene that is exceptionally elastic and resistant to mechanical stress and vibrations.

    The product line consists of pipes and fittings with diam. From 32 to 315mm and includes a wide range of fittings and services connections to sanitary and sewage systems.


    Coestherm is the system of pipes and fittings in random polypropylene and PP-RCT, with dia. of 16 to 200 mm, for supplying hot and cold sanitary water and for heating/air-conditioning, to suit the most demanding needs for strength and durability.


    BluePower is a push-fit drainage system made of copolymer polypropylene + reinforcing charges, soundproof and exceptionally resistant to impact and stress.

    The product line consists of a multilayer pipe with mono and dual sockets and fittings ranging from a diameter of 32 mm up to 250 mm; the fittings feature a very innovative design and include special and executive component configurations.

    Blue Power is particularly suitable for the following uses due to its outstanding strength and sound absorption: waste and sewage water drainage, secondary water drainage, downpipe from rain water.